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Sports Blog Site & Sports Blogging with us at SportsBlogsite.com.  We are looking to always add more content. Sports Blogging about NFL LA Football Teams of LA Rams and LA Chargers.

For most of the last decade, the Chargers were in San Diego – with San Diego football fans not being happy about their move to LA.

LA Chargers Blog …  The one thing the new coaching staff did with head coach Anthony Linn, is bring back good football play.  With strong defense and solid QB play of Phillip Rivers, the LA Chargers have been playing strong football.

LA Rams Blog …  The LA Rams young coach Sean McVay has surprised many, with his exciting offensive play calling – to making the Rams a solid team in the NFC.

Which one of these teams will play better in the playoffs?  The Rams or Chargers – we want our readers to provide their feedback.

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