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Sports Blog Site will be discussing the 2018-2019 NBA basketball season. LA Lakers Blog Site  …. Online Sports Blogging about LA Lakers and Lebron James in this article.  LeBron has missed the last couple games due to a reportedly minor injury.  The LA Lakers lost on a last second shot to the Sacramento Kings couple days ago – but came back and won last night.  On Thursday night, the Lakers looked to have won the game – when Sacramento made a last second 3 point shot.

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Last night, the Lakers came back and won over the Sacramento Kings- ending their 2 game losing streak. The Sacramento Kings have a talented group of players, who have done well with some good coaching. Many are thinking, that LeBron being out – will force the other Lakers players to step up — with Kuzma and Lonzo Ball being the 2 players who are looking to step up.  Lakers have an exciting squad of talented players – that with a healthy LeBron James, should be able to make it to the NBA Playoffs this year.  LA Lakers Coach Walton has done a good job of using most of his talented squad.